Desember 03, 2019

Review Crawl (2019)


I champion films that break outside the studio formula all the time and occasionally in my excitedness it comes across like I'm dismissive of all studio horror films or fans of these films but in reality that's not the case at all.  Crawl is one of those movies made inside the studio system. It might not be the most original idea (see Burning Bright) but goddamn does it work.

It probably helps that it's made by a team of people who got their start outside of Hollywood but have also proven before that you can make solid genre pictures inside the system that aren't compromised.  That team would be producer Sam Raimi and director Alexander Aja.

After a quick intro and set up this film gets going fast and luckily for us it turns up the screws and never lets up for it's entire and fairly short runtime.  It's lean and incredible tight.  The film knows exactly when to just slow down and let the tension build, it's much more interested in suspense then gore (though that doesn't mean there isn't any). Listen I start to panic when I hold my breath too long while taking a shower so certain scenes in this film (like a completely submerged tunnel someone has to swim through) just kinda fuck me up all sorts.  But it's not just the rising water as THERE ARE GODDAMN GATORS that happen to pop up at the most inopportune of times.

As I get older "monsters" are no longer scary, shit, but drowning and wild animal attacks? Fuck me, that shits real.  This the type of film that causes empathetic panic attacks.
Ultimately this mashing up of sub-genres (disaster film and animals attack film) is a solid lean ride and at under 90 minutes it should be enjoyable for everyone.  This to me is the perfect type of fun enjoyable summer horror film.

Plus the gator eats a white girl with cornrows so good for the gator they're obviously not all bad.  #horror #nothorror #horrofanatic #horrorlover #horrorjunkie #horroraddict #horrorfan #horrorgram #horrorfilm #horrormovie #horrornerd #movieoftheday #moviereview #filmreview #instagram #instagood #instafilm #instahorror  #horrorgeek #crawl #gator

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