Desember 03, 2019

Review Climax (2018)


I love that "dance" is a sub-genre of horror films.  It can be a grueling painstaking endless quest for perfection or a primal almost animalistic reaction.  It surprisingly lends itself to horror almost too well, the majority of "dance" horror films being some of the best the genre has to offer and Climax is no different.
Gaspar Noe is one of my favorite working directors today. (I had the closest to what could be called a religious experience watching his Enter the Void i.e., I got high and thought I was dying). Many studio or "hollywood" films can often be monotonous, and I think that's why many gravitate toward the genre.  Horror in itself can be formulaic but at it's best it's truly subversive, a break from what we're used to, with a goal to take us out of our comfort zone.  The provocateur Noe is always looking to take people outside their comfort zone.  It's a match made in hell.

The film pulsates, its rhythmic backbone carries us through the entire runtime.  The soundtrack is flawless.  The camera beautifully weaves between characters, carefree and floating on instinct yet as amazingly choreographed as the dance sequences themselves.  And then shit hits the fan.

Someone's disconnected the brakes on this ride and Noe is hurling us straight down into hell.  The music and dancing continues as the descent goes on.  Madness has a soundtrack and it's EDM.  It's climax (buh dum tish) is truly Clive Barker-esque both visually and spiritually.  Guys this movies a trip.

So yeah I loved it and it's one of my favorites of the year but it's absolutely not for everyone and I'm sure some will hate it and some will tell me to fuck off but whatever.  I can't wait to take that trip again.

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