Desember 01, 2019

Review Child's Play (2019)

Child's Play (2019)

At this point if you've pooled together every time I've written about remakes you could probably put together a small novel... or a novella I guess, yeah that's it. But whatever here we go again.  I'm not opposed to them, I only ask that they be different.  I have no interest in watching the same exact movie with the same exact story beats just with different people and a "hip" soundtrack.  Luckily Child's Play 2019 is very much it's own movie.

Keep an open mind and divorce yourself from the original series because there's a lot of fun to have with this movie.  Thankfully this film takes a very different approach, in fact it feels more like a killer robot film than a killer doll movie.  They smartly tie that into our technology obsessed current culture.  With smart phones, smart tv's, smart refrigerators, and pretty much smart "whatever we can jam a computer in and connect to the internet" you no longer have to worry about just Chucky cuz he can connect to almost anything in our lives.

Brad Dourif is irreplaceable but Mark Hammill does a great job with avery different take.  This Chucky has a naivete to him.  He's learning and often misunderstands.  He doesn't start malicious and there are even moments where I actually felt bad for this little robot.  It's a great take on the character and absolutely works for this film.

Aubrey Plaza is hella likable, Brian Tyree Henry is great in EVERYTHING, and the kids are fun.  It's gots laughs and some pretty great gore fx plus a third act that in traditional Child's Play fashion is straight up bonkers.  Yeah it looks like they left the original Chucky in the dryer after it  got stung by a bunch of bees but the rest of this film is so much fucking fun, plus the ugly little fucker kinda grows on you.

I was hesitant because the original Child's Play is still going strong and i wholeheartedly support that franchise and it's continued existence but I think there's more than enough room in this world for both.

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